We are all tired of Covid19 and have a deep desire to go back to our “normal” pre-pandemic lives. Thanks to vaccinations, a new “normal” with significantly less risk of becoming severely sick or die with Covid is on its way. This more pleasant situation will allow the vast majority of us to return to a more enjoyable social life. However, although life is normalizing, covid is not gone, and we need to learn to live with covid for the foreseeable future. So it’s advisable to stay up to date on the risks as they vary over time.

How to live a “normal” life

With vaccines, the risks of severe disease when acquiring an infection is much less. Which is excellent! However, it is still advisable to avoid contracting an infection. As part of the new “normal” life, it’s essential to know the current level of covid conditions and the relative risk of acquiring an infection – A risk that will vary over time and geography.

With S-Index™ Maps you get a predictive view 5-10 days ahead of the official statistics. Simply a “weather forecast” but for covid. You will know the risk of acquiring an infection anywhere in the world! The Maps will help you if your intended travel destination is a good place to be if you are concerned about acquiring a covid infection. It is like a safety belt in Covid19 pandemic times

The services provide a few maps to instantly help you understand the severity of Covid19 in different parts of the world.

The higher the S-Index™ value, the higher the relative risk of acquiring an infection. This gives the S-Index™ the power of being predictive. The S-Index™ offers insights about the next week instead of the last week or the week before the last week! It’s predictive in its nature and gives you insights into where covid is heading instead of where it was.

The S-Index™ maps are based on up to date Covid data which we acquire from the best sources on an hourly basis. The maps are interactive and automatically updated every hour. Just move the cursor to your country of choice, and you will get deeper insights into why the country Severity level is what it is.

Regardless of where you live or travel, we hope the S-Index™ will help to increase your insights and ability to navigate forward with new predictive data instead of getting stuck in old historical data. The maps are built with our algorithms but using official country data.

The service intends to empower you all to live as close as possible to a “normal” life.

Curious to try and learn more please be welcome to test the S-Index™ Service.