Imagine if you knew the future

Previsions’ predictive solutions enable you to be far ahead. Whether addressing an individualised urban middle class or a marginalised rural community, can we help you foresee the next move and know when individuals or communities will make a move? Previsions let you stay ahead. Previsions M-Sari™, Predictive Marketing and S-index™ solutions are all there to empower you.


Previsions M-Sari™ solution is about empowering the grassroots by getting them involved in the digital economy. Our paradigm is similar to Prahalad’s – “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”-concept. The M-Sari™ mission is to transform and energise rural life digitally. We build a business platform that makes infrastructure owners, partners, communities, governments, and investors happy for the same success. With M-Sari™ digital business platform, we reinvent the classic local marketplace. We create a flywheel environment where micro-businesses flourish.

Predictive Marketing

Previsions’ predictive marketing solution bring about fast and solid growth by making your marketing more efficient and boosting sales. Many years of experience in marketing communication, research, and statistical analysis have given us insight into using large datasets (big data), proprietary algorithms and  artificial intelligence to deepen insight and improve marketing accuracy.

And no matter how many millions of customers you have, you can adapt your offerings and communications to each unique individual customer’s needs, life stage, values, attitudes, and behaviour.


The S-Index™ give you a predictive view of covid risks 5-10 days ahead. Simply a “weather forecast” but for covid. You will know the risk of acquiring an infection anywhere in the world! The service helps you understand the severity of Covid19 at travel destinations in different parts of the world. It allows you to manage risk and is like a safety belt in Covid19 pandemic times.

Want to stay ahead?

Want to stay ahead? Please get in touch with us to know more about how Previsions predictive business platforms can help your organisation. Please email us at [email protected].