Previsions Software M-Sari™ solution is about empowering the grassroots by getting them involved in the digital economy. Our paradigm is similar to Prahalad’s – “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”-concept. The M-Sari™ mission is to digitally transform and energize rural life. We build a business platform that makes infrastructure owners, partners, communities, governments, and investors happy for the same success.

With M-Sari™ digital business platform we reinvent the classic local marketplace. We create a flywheel environment where micro-businesses flourish and entrepreneurs make a living from their acquired skills and education.

We also empower whole communities. When we empower local communities, we improve life quality and grow the local economies. We provide a Community 2 Business (C2B) platform that also increase the country GDP.

We integrate digital and physical. That means we start in digital and build and refurbish the village physical real estate from what’s optimal from a digital real estate perspective. We turn physical inside out with digital. We connect community life and let the physical real estate be a consequence of digital life. The whole village layout becomes a consequence of digital, not the other way around. There are some tricks, but we believe we have found the magic for this huge highly profitable M-Sari™ business opportunity to fly.

We dream of a world where “no” village is too small for a great life!