Get going with data driven, predictive marketing

Based on transactional data and data generated by marketing research, we create individual customer profiles using advanced algorithms and automated tools. At the same time, we develop a homogeneous, predictive, and directly applicable segmentation structure as a basis for effective marketing communications. It is possible to start using the services at a basic level and gradually upgrade to more advanced functionality. For a very large company with millions of customers, it may be an advantage to begin with the complete service package. Regardless of level, your individual customer profiles will be continuously refined and improved using, among other methods, our tool for fast profiling of new customers.


Basic values based segmentation and individual customer profiles for quick wins


Advanced values based segmentation and individual customer profiles for persistent effects


Predictive, one-to-one marketing for maximum competitiveness

Increase campaign results by hundreds of percent

  • Base your campaign planning on precise information
  • Acquire more customers; retain and develop the most profitable ones
  • Close more deals on your most profitable products
  • Convert unprofitable customers and products to profitable ones
  • Cultivate the relationship with your most influential customers
  • Get to know your customers in depth; as individuals, not as stereotyped clusters of people.
  • Convey exact, relevant, and personalized offerings to each one of your customers, each time
  • Foresee your customers’ needs; lie one step ahead