Individual customer profiles and dynamic segmentation for extreme campaign accuracy

By aggregating data from many sources and applying advanced statistical algorithms, we paint detailed pictures of your customers. An individual profile for each customer serves as a basis for predictive marketing, data driven segment development, and automated marketing workflows.

To create individual customer profiles, we use behavioral data combined with demographic data, marketing research data, and data generated in social media. Every customer receives a unique position in Prevision’s values based segmentation map, Life Values+.

This results in a rich and deep individual customer profile—a complete description of the customer with details about behavior, lifestage, attitudes, and values. Individual customer profiles make it possible to create relevant and hugely effective communications to support customers’ choices and decisions. In addition, we can foresee what the customer will do next, and when.

Previsions offerings

We create individual customer profiles and values based segmentation methods that make marketing campaigns more effective. What we offer:

  • Development and implementation of dynamic segmentation and individual customer profiles
  • Training in the use of dynamic segmentation with individual customer profiles
  • Tools for the implementation of predictive marketing campaigns

Previsions product portfolio for fast growth


  • Loyalty Analytics Toolset
    Analyze, predict, and act to keep customers loyal
  • Growth Analytics Toolset
    Analyze, predict, and act to drive growth and increase profitability
  • Offering Analytics Toolset
    Analyze, predict, and act to present the right offering to the right person
  • Dashboard
     Analyze and visualize the results of your campaigns


  • Previsions Life Values+
    Segmentation map for customer values
  • Business Simulator
    Business simulation to develop knowledge of the use of individual customer profiles
  • Express Profiling Tool
    A tool for continuously developing and refining your individual customer profiles


  • Adaptive Customer Journey Tool
    Create an optimized and adaptive customer journey
  • Cockpit
    Predicts and controls your campaigns
  • Campaign Automation Generator
    Creates planning material, suggestions for campaigns, or complete campaigns